New Haven Piano Services

Peter Omalyev, Head Piano Technician


Peter Omalyev is the sole proprietor of New Haven Piano. Trained in piano technology at North Bennett Street School in Boston, he has serviced hundreds of pianos across Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut.

Whether working for professional musicians, instructors, grade schools, universities, churches, piano show rooms, music festivals, or private residences, Peter handles each opportunity with finesse, punctuality, and care.



“Peter is excellent! He is also helpful, friendly, and very professional. He helped me find a suitable instrument and tuned it and worked on it and it is fantastic. I’m super happy!” -Hannah L.

“Very efficient, personable young man. Piano sounds better than ever. Peter really knew what he was doing.” -Delia R.

“Peter was very responsive, professional, and courteous. He does a superb job maintaining my baby grand piano!” -Brian M.